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Committed To

Revealing God's Kingdom In Our Community

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Sunday School
Sunday Worship


9:30 am
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Fellowship Groups

Fellowship With God.

Fellowship With Others.

Formation by the Word.

Fellowship Groups are the core of discipleship at Hastings Naz.

Fellowship Groups are about mutual relationship, joint participation, and Spiritual Formation.

Our God is a God of place, and as we look forward we will continue to seek first Christ’s Kingdom, praying for it’s fulfillment here in this local community.”

Pastor Danny Quanstrom

Hands Holding Wooden Plate

Loving God. Loving Others.

The mission statement for Hastings Naz is simple; "Loving God. Loving Others." When asked about the greatest commandments, Christ responded to love God and to love neighbor. We are committed to expressing this love in and with Barry County.


We are sent on mission to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world for the world.


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