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We embrace and exemplify the essence of living with a kingdom mindset. In our journey of faith, we focus on three core pillars: Worship, Discipleship, and Service. These elements are not just activities but the heartbeat of our community, guiding us to live out our faith authentically and dynamically. Here, we delve into how these practices enrich our spiritual lives, strengthen our bonds with each other, and enable us to be a beacon of God’s love in the world. Join us in exploring how worship, discipleship, and service manifest in our daily walk with Christ, creating a vibrant, supportive, and transformative community.

Kingdom Minded Community

The simple act of gathering for worship serves as a reminder to stop, to rest, or to sabbath. Weekly worship reminds us that everything isn't up to us, that we can rest in the presence of our Creator. Weekly worship reminds us that we need each other; we are called to live our lives in community. Weekly worship reminds us that we are send on mission in our own lives.

Through Worship

If we are not making Christlike disciples, what are we doing? 

We are committed to this essential Christian practice. This is realized in a variety of ways, chief of which is our Fellowship Groups. Fellowship Groups are the core of discipleship at Hastings Naz and we'd love for you to get connected. 

Through Discipleship

A fundamental Christian practice is serving one another and serving our community. HCN is continuously looking for ways to better serve Hastings and Barry County; from hosting the Fresh Food Initiative to opening our facility to groups in need.

Through Service

We believe that Christian baptism, commanded by our Lord, is a sacrament signifying acceptance of the benefits of the atonement of Jesus Christ, to be administered to believers and declarative of their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior, and full purpose of obedience in holiness and righteousness.

Through Baptism

The Communion Supper, instituted by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a sacrament, which proclaims His life, His sufferings, His sacrificial death, and resurrection, and the hope of His coming again. It shows forth the Lord’s death until His return. The Supper is a means of grace in which Christ is present by the Spirit. It is to be received in reverent appreciation and gratefulness for the work of Christ.

Through Communion

Jesus prayed—with others (Luke 9:28), for others (Matthew 19:13-14), and on his own (Luke 5:16Luke 6:12). It was a fundamental part of how he approached each day and every decision, retreating faithfully to spend time with his Father. Prayer equipped Jesus. It kept alive the intimate relationship that sustained him. And it revealed to him God’s desires and direction. As we pray, we will become more like Jesus, and we will find that prayer changes us.

Through Prayer

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